Hi Guys

Lets start a business from your home.. NO.. Work from anywhere, from ur mobile with 0 investment...

When you search in Google or other browser u will come across various sites that offer work from home or work in your free time.. But, you will notice that majority of the business providers will ask you to invest some amount as security deposit or will ask you to buy some of their product.  It will sound risky as you do not know the authenticity of these websites.

So, the best and simple way is to join our  WhatsApp group  as a RESELLER  of Imitation Jewellery.   

If you are a Reseller of any product you will just have to forward pics received from the Vendor/Shipper/Wholeseller to your contacts on your social media account of whatsapp,facebook, twitter, instagram etc.  

After Receiving the orders from your contacts or friends and passing on the same to your Vendor/Shipper/Wholesaler(us).  Ordered goods will be despatched to your customer address.

Daily Updates along with the price of the product are also provided.

So...Don't think more and become a Reseller with ZERO investment