About Star Bangles

Nothing is more elegant than a family tradition. It is the same tradition that has been passed down in Starbangles.com (Present) since its inception in 1965. With the advent of internet and connectivity in today’s world of disruptive growth, Starbangles.com aims to manufacture and trade bangles with the wisdom and knowledge gained by Maniar family from the Mecca of glass bangles, Firozabad. We at Starbangles.com have seen and assimilated traditional ways of making bangles on a cinema reel to modern ways of making bangles. As the saying goes,“The meaning of life is to find your gift. Purpose of life is to give it away.”Similarly, Starbangles.com gives their gift away by being passionate, following the tradition in bangle making,having a value system, a single motive to reach customers in even remote and vacuum spaces of this country and learning and re-learning new ways of business and making the product.

Starbangles.com is focused not only on reach but also the affordability is given importance. Our philosophy is to “Reach the unreachable by being reasonable”. We understand the pulse of our target market and are very sensitive with price and have taken up the challenge of meeting the needs of the bangles segment. We also understand that the sentiment and need of grooming is universal and hence we are not prejudiced in serving just the metros. That being said, Starbangles.com can also be viewed as a virtual supermarket of all types of bangles originated and popular from their respective regions. Our goal is to cater to the grooming needs of our end customers all over India. With our rapid expansion, we aim to become one of the major distributors of bangles.

Mr Maniar, after completing his graduation in software engineering, worked in software development and quit only to follow his fate and calling in the artificial bangles business in 1995.


To become one the major imitation jewellery supplier all over India.


Tying with sellers all in India and increasing reachin rural by expand capacity.